Group murdered man drinking coffee having pushed him into Manchester canal

Mohammed Al-Enizi Hameed; Fares Hassan; Hussein Muhalhal; and Hussein Mouhelhel, 22; and two 16-year-old boys, all deny murder.

A group of men accused of murder stabbed a man and pushed him into a canal after a ‘call to arms’ in the Northern Quarter, a trial has heard.

Ahmed Alsharan, aged 33, had been drinking coffee with his brother and a friend beside the canal near to Dale Street when they were approached by another man, alleged to be Mohammed Al-Enizi Hameed.

He asked: “Who are you”, before a fight ensued, in which Mr Alsharan was stabbed to the heart and pushed into the canal, Minshull Street Crown Court. His friend, Sami Alhaj, was also stabbed during the incident, receiving wounds to his abdomen, armpit and lung.

Mr Alsharan climbed out of the canal before going back to Dale Street where he collapsed, it was said.

He received open heart surgery at the scene and was rushed to hospital, but sadly died after suffering from severe brain damage. A pathologist found he suffered a stab wound to his heart, the court heard.

Mr Al-Enizi Hameed, 36; Fares Hassan, 22; Hussein Muhalhal, 20; and Hussein Mouhelhel, 22; and two 16-year-old boys, who cannot be named for legal reasons, are on trial at Minshull Street Crown Court. They all deny murder, attempted murder and an alternate offence of wounding with intent.

A cordon was in place on Dale Street (Image: MEN)

Prosecuting, Sharon Beattie KC said that on August 16 last year, the six males separately made their way to the city centre. Mr Alsharan’s brother had a meeting with his solicitor in the city centre at about 5pm in relation to his immigration status, and was accompanied by Mr Alsharan and Mr Alhaj, the court heard. They first went to Cafe Nero on Piccadilly, where they were met by another male, it was said.

The court heard that six to seven months previously there had been a ‘fight’ which involved this male and Mr Alhaj had been arrested but denied any knowledge of the incident. “As part of the investigation he was prohibited from approaching the witnesses, but CCTV shows they were outside Cafe Nero without difficulties,” Ms Beattie said.

Analysis of the man’s phone later revealed that he contacted Mr Al-Enizi Hameed after meeting Mr Alsharan. Mr Alsharan, his brother, Mr Alhaj and the other man then walked to the canal basin where they intended to drink their coffee, the prosecutor said.

After getting to the canal, they were approached by Mr Al-Enizi Hameed and Mr Mouhelhel, before Mr Al-Enizi Hameed said: “Who are you”, to the group.

“Two of the group saw him put his hand in his pocket, Mr Alsharan’s brother was not sure why he did that or what he had in his hand,” Ms Beattie continued.

“Due to his behaviour and the way he presented himself to them, both Mr Alsharan and his brother took hold of him. His brother believes Mr Alsharan took hold of his shoulder or his arm, and he took hold of his other arm.

“He was worried about potential violence and was ready to defend himself. He said that Mr Al-Enizi Hameed said to the second man, Mr Mouhelhel, to join in the attack.”

The police scene in Manchester city centre on August 16 (Image: MEN)

It was alleged that Mr Al-Enizi Hameed then shouted in Arabic to the other defendants to come and ‘bring a knife’ with them. Prosecutors allege he shouted words to the effect of ‘let’s kill him’.

“As far as his brother was concerned, he was sure it was a ‘call to arms’,” Ms Beattie added.

The four other defendants then ‘ran’ to the scene, and a melee ensued, the court heard. During this Mr Alsharan was stabbed and pushed into the canal. It was alleged that he was stabbed by one of the youths and pushed into the canal by Mr Al-Enizi Hameed.

Mr Alhaj also said that Mr Al-Enizi Hameed was the one who ‘caused the problem’, as he had approached them first before calling out the other group to bring a knife, it was alleged.

Mr Alsharan’s brother described that it was Mr Muhalhal who stabbed Mr Alhaj after trying to kick him, before he was able to get away, jurors heard. He later saw his brother climb out of the canal before collapsing nearby.

Mr Alhaj described how they went to the canal to drink their coffee before they were approached by a man who he didn’t know but recognised from the area.

“He said he spoke to Ahmed Alsharan in Arabic but could tell he had a different accent. He said there was something about his body language and described him putting his hand in his pocket and it was concealed,” Ms Beattie said.

“He said his friend seemed surprised by this man, then ‘punches started flying’ between both men. He said he then heard him shout ‘come and fight’ to the others. He said a group ran towards them and he ran towards them to stop them from getting involved and urged them not to. He said he saw one of the youths with a flick knife.”

The Crown Court at Manchester Minshull Street (Image: ABNM Photography)

Mr Alhaj said he then jumped into the canal before swimming to the other side. He said he then saw Mr Mouhelhel pick up his rucksack which he left at the bench where they had been sitting earlier.

After Mr Alsharan collapsed, he was treated at the scene before he was rushed to hospital. He suffered from a severe brain injury which was ‘not compatible with survival’ and was taken off life support with permission from his family, the court heard.

Pathologist Dr Charles Wilson concluded that the brain damage suffered by Mr Alsharan was caused by a stab wound to his heart.

Mr Alhaj suffered from stab wounds to his armpit, abdomen and lungs, the prosecutor added.

Jurors were told that after the incident, Mr Al-Enizi Hameed went back to Crewe then to London with Mr Muhalhal, and was arrested in Crewe a week later. His house was searched and his mobile phone was recovered and was ‘ground down’ or ‘destroyed’, the court heard.

Mr Muhalhal was arrested on a flight bound for Jordan. Mr Mouhelhel was arrested at the scene and gave a statement in which he admitted he was present but denied the offences.

Mr Hassan gave a prepared statement in which he accepted his presence at the scene, but said he went to meet someone to get marijuana. He then said he heard screaming but didn’t see what happened, said he was not involved in the fight, it was said.

Mr Al-Enizi Hameed, of Brighton Grove, Rusholme; Mr Hassan, of Ribston Street, Hulme; Mr Muhalhal, of Lower Park Road, Longsight; and Mr Mouhelhel, of Wynnstay Grove, Fallowfield; and the two 16-year-old boys, all deny the charges.



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