Exceptional African Lady graduates with First Class in Marine Engineering, celebrates exceptional success

Monica Nancy Candny, a trailblazing 23-year-old, has etched her name in history by graduating with top honors in Marine Engineering from the esteemed Regional Maritime University. Her remarkable achievement, shared with pride on her LinkedIn feed, serves as an inspiration for aspiring individuals, especially women, seeking to make a mark in traditionally male-dominated fields.

As an Engine Cadet at Royal Caribbean International, Monica actively contributes to the smooth functioning of various vessels, including Independence of the Seas, Cestos Tug of Svitzer in Liberia, and Harmony of the Seas. Her responsibilities span maintaining and operating engine room equipment, ensuring the safety and efficiency of maritime operations—a testament to her competence and dedication in a demanding profession.

Monica’s academic journey was marked by outstanding achievements, earning her a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Engineering from Regional Maritime University (RMU) in Ghana. Acknowledging her exceptional academic performance, she was twice awarded the Dean’s list. Additionally, she holds an Associate Degree of Science from the Liberia Maritime Training Institute (LMTI). Monica’s commitment to continuous learning is reflected in her acquisition of various certifications, including Certificate of Cadetship Training, Mentoring Certified, and Crowd Management.

Her post on LinkedIn celebrating her graduation a year ago resonates with gratitude and humility. She acknowledged the support of the Liberia Maritime Authority, Liberia’s international ship and corporate registries, and the Liberia Maritime Training Institute. Monica’s journey to success is underscored by her belief that determination, coupled with confidence and discipline, can empower women to achieve anything they set their minds to.

Monica’s involvement in empowering women in the maritime industry extends beyond her professional responsibilities. She serves as an Associate Brand Ambassador for the Global Organization of Oil and Gas Professionals (GOOGPro), a Mentor for Women Offshore, and a Mentee for the Centre for Maritime Training and Development (CMTD). Her dedication to uplifting others and advocating for gender diversity in her industry is a testament to her leadership and commitment to positive change.

In a recent post celebrating her achievements in sports, Monica emphasizes the value of hard work and its role in achieving success. Her dual passion for both sports and marine engineering underscores her well-rounded approach to life and learning.

Monica’s story has garnered attention online, with articles highlighting her historic graduation with first-class honors in Marine Engineering. Her message to aspiring individuals is clear: “If you dream it, you can achieve it. If you have a passion for something, go and get it.” Her journey embodies resilience, determination, and the courage to pursue one’s dreams, breaking barriers and setting an example for future generations.

As Monica embarks on her journey as a Marine Engineer, her story continues to inspire, paving the way for more young individuals to explore and excel in unconventional career paths. The maritime industry, enriched by Monica’s diverse contributions, stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities that await those who dare to dream.

In the quiet halls of Hightower Elementary School in DeKalb County, Georgia, Tylan Bailey spent 23 years diligently working as a custodian. Little did anyone know that beneath the janitor’s uniform was a man fueled by a dream that would challenge the conventional narrative of success.

At the age of 40, Tylan embarked on a journey many deemed improbable — he enrolled at Georgia State University, determined to earn a degree in Health and Physical Education. His aspiration was not just to graduate but to become a teacher, an ambition that had long lingered in the corridors of his heart.

Tylan’s path to academic success was far from ordinary. Growing up in the Tobie Grant housing project in Decatur, Georgia, he faced adversity from a young age. His mother, grappling with addiction, moved the family across multiple states, exposing Tylan to a turbulent childhood marked by constant relocation and instability.

Despite the challenges, Tylan’s mother instilled in him the importance of education. Through various living arrangements and a patchwork of schools, he persevered. “Kids bring guns. There’s a fight every day. And you’re waiting on your turn to fight,” he recollects, describing the volatile environment of some of the schools he attended.

Tylan’s life took a pivotal turn when, at the age of 19, he learned he was going to be a father. Determined to provide a stable life for his daughter Yazmine, he prioritized education and graduated high school a year later. Working as an elementary school custodian, he navigated the challenges of parenthood, even taking on a second job delivering newspapers to support his family


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