How To Earn Your First Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards a certain percentage of commission for each product bought by the customers who are brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.  It shouldn't be a surprise to you that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn a reasonable income online. In this post I felt like sharing with you the easiest method to make money with affiliate marketing whether you are a beginner or pro in the business.

Mind you that this content is going to be kind of long and I promised you it going to worth your time but anyway, if you don't read long content you can bypass this one. So, to start with affiliate marketing, you need to look for affiliate network to join. And don't forget that you're promoting digital products here. For the purpose of this post, I’m using Warrioplus as an affiliate network. And make sure you follow this simple guide if you really want to get good result. 

Register With Warrioplus: Warrioplus is one of the largest affiliate products marketplace outside Clickbank. And even if you're a complete newbie you can start with Warrioplus, so if you want to go into affiliate marketing Warrioplus can be the best place for you to start with. The reason while I personally recommend Warrioplus is because most of the products sold on Warrioplus are digital products such as books, video courses, software among others. And for you to start earning from the platform or to start as an affiliate, you first need to have a Warrioplus account.

Registration is 100% completely free of charge, all you need is a functional email address, Your name and if possible PayPal account, But notwithstanding, you can also receive your commission from Warrioplus directly into your bank account. Once you are done with the registration, then chose to promote based on your niche of interest, and not only that, promoting products that you have a passion for can give you less stress. It is also important to promote a product you've a passion for so that they can motivate you to keep on pushing it.

Get a Domain Name For Your Business.

The mistake a lot of people are still making when it comes to affiliate marketing is, not taking building a blog serious. To succeed with affiliate marketing you must need a blog, "IT IS A MUST" whether you like it or not. So, the next thing is to set up your blog.

Because to be successful in affiliate marketing you need to present yourself as an authority figure in your niche. The people who view your products should have confidence in you on what you do because the first step to earning the trust of your target customers is having a blog of your own. And there are many web hosting providers that are even cheap that you can start with, I personally recommend Namecheap because it's very affordable and it the cheapest web hosting services. You can go ahead to purchase a domain from them at as low as $8 per year.

Once you have your domain set up and your blog goes live. Then it time to begin to join many other affiliate program and write about them on your blog with your affiliate tracking link paste on the body of your content. Get Free Stock Images from pexels, I see a lot of people written good content on their blog without a single image. I'll prefer not to post content on my blog if I'll not add image to it. The secret to selling anything online still lies in the images, yes. You need quality images that clearly depict a product you're writing about or the content. And there are many sources of images. 

In fact they're so many reliable source for free images which l recommended earlier like pexels. You can get free images from that website for free on any niche you can think about. All you need to do is to signup and start using the available free images and you're good to go. You can use the images to design your blog, design your adverts, use for your blog content and other purposes. Remember a picture speaks 1000 words. If you cannot explain yourself in words, try using high-quality images on your content.

Promote With Free Traffic

Well, if you don't have money to build a blog of your own you can also promote with free traffic. You can simply advertise or promote using classified ads at adlandpro, Classfiedads. Now for you to start promoting the product you requested to promote from Warrioplus and make some cash. You need to advertise your classified ads at adlandpro or Classfiedads, It's actually the best place to post classified ads for beginners. And the good thing is that you can post classified ads absolutely free of charge. And you've the option of customizing your target audience based on the products you're promoting and it is important also to narrow your target audience to a specific countries.

However, you can also use the paid classifieds to increase your sales if you want fast result. But, if you're going the way of building your blog, once your blog is set up and everything is in order, it is your duty to keep on creating content on your blog. And if you decide to also use social media sites for your promotion, it is also important to treat all your social media platforms as marketing tools to keep on increasing sales and building relationships with your audience.

If you can follow all that I just shared with you here I can assure you of making your first commission from Warrioplus or any other affiliate network you decide to promote as an affiliate marketer. 
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