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‘Discover Financial Wholeness by bringing together all aspects of your financial life to work together for your greatest good, your biggest benefit, and your richest life.

There are only five things you need to start working on your personal finance. Your income, spending, savings, investing, and protection. 

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Most people who fall into that category have no idea that they’re chronically disorganized (fun fact: Many people who are chronically disorganized love organizing, they just don’t have the willpower to stick with it).

Some of our students are extremely overwhelmed with several responsibilities and no help. Many of them never learned how to handle their home or budgets while they were growing up, and some of them have medical situations that create low energy or the inability to focus (like Fibromyalgia or ADHD).

The good news is…

Whether you’re one step away from applying to be on Hoarders or you’ve never successfully stuck to a budget after trying and failing for years… we’ve successfully helped worse. 🙂
Why This Will Work…

Everything we teach focuses on doing the bare minimum effort on a consistent basis. Which means the results are guaranteed. We also have a money-back guarantee on every program and product that we sell.

I know how hard it is to trust that this time will be different. Different than all of the times you’ve tried and failed to change.

I also know that this IS different.

This is different because…
1. We work with your unique personality.

Everything you’ve ever tried before has relied on you NEEDING to make good decisions in your weakest moments. That doesn’t work. We work with the personality you have (not the one you wish you had) to get results so you don’t need willpower to succeed.

When you work with your unique personality, people who have tried and failed for years are suddenly able to stick with it… for years!
2. We only do the things that matter.

We focus on doing the bare minimum effort on a consistent basis and we build rewards directly into the system. Which means that we 80/20 (and if we’re being honest, we usually push it to 90/10) everything you do in your home.

I hate to be the one to say this… but most of the stuff you’re doing doesn’t matter. (Which makes sense, I mean really. How is it even possible that your house isn’t spotless? You never stop doing stuff?!?)

When you only do the things that matter, your house stays clean and you have an unheard-of amount of time for yourself. (Which granted… sounded a lot better before we were stuck in our homes for weeks on end… but still).
3. We master the skills in order.

There are two types of skills simple skills, and complex routines. Simple skills are things like laundry, schedule books, and dishes. Complex routines are meal planning, cleaning, working out, and budgeting. A complex routine may consist of dozens of simple skills.

When you master those simple skills first, it’s easy to “level up” (even to crazy complicated things like budgeting and meal planning) because you’re just adding 1-2 new skills at a time.

Which means that people who tried and failed to meal plan, budget, or keep a house clean for years are suddenly like “That’s it? Why was that so easy?”

After 6 years in business, I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people set up and actually stick to a budget (for life!) and completely transform their homes (and lives) through a bare minimum consistent home management routine.

I’ve been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fox Business, Motley Fool, Country Living, and more…
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The easiest way to start is by jumping into one of our free starter programs where I walk you through the foundation of our teachings as quickly as possible so you can start seeing results immediately.

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