5 Sales Strategies to Keep Your Customers Buying More

How to retain customers and drive more sales. Customers are the integral part of any organisation or business and without genius customers your business won’t stand the test of time. As important as it is like this phrase we all know ‘’Customer Are Always Right’’ this is because they are the key upon which the success or failure of a business depends. Businesses are built dependent upon their customers; if they do not develop customer loyalty and satisfaction, they can lose their customers and without customers the business would not exist. It is the customers who make it possible for you to achieve your business aims. Increasing customer retention rates by 5 per cent in turn increase your profit. This is why it is important for every business man and entrepreneur to do all they can to ensure customer satisfaction as this is at the heart of the selling process. It cost five times as much to attract new loyal customers as it does to keep an existing one. The relationship between the customer and the business owner is therefore an important one which should never be taken for granted. Below I have some important steps needed to for business owner to adopt to keep his or her customers coming back. PAY ATTENTION: 6 Best Practices on How to Succeed in Managing a Business

Communication is key
It is hard to create loyal customers if they are not paying much attention to you. A study show that about 7,000 consumers who said that they had a strong relationship with a brand, 64 per cent of them shared values as the primary reason if you want loyal customers you need to develop communication skills and care empathy about your customers. It is important for every business owner to focus on attracting his target customers to increase sales. One thing to keep in mind when communicating with your customers is this ‘’ most of them like things that resemble them in some ways.’’ In order for you to attract this sort of customers you will need to identify your target customers down to the last detail and then craft a brand message that perfectly matches their pains, goals and aspirations. It is easier to fill this existing demand than to create new one from scratch.

Develop a unique selling point
If customers do not enjoy your selling process they may never want to do business with you again. Selling to customers the correct way is an important part of creating customer loyalty. This could be achieved through the use of words they love to hear. Some certain persuasive words do encourage customers to buy even more than others, in particular; free, new and instantly. When customers hear these words and the promises they imply are back up.

Reciprocity is the best social construct that keeps your ideal customers coming back. The promise is simple; go above and beyond for your customers and get rewarded with repeat business. Below is a research on how to improve reciprocity with your customers. First, you have to realise that budget is negligible. Giving back to customers can appear incredibly costly but it doesn’t have to be. Instead, understand that reciprocity is built even with small gesture. Also it is important to utilised surprise reciprocity. Although reciprocity works incredibly well on its own, it is even more powerful when stared by surprise. It is the personalised service received that made them to enjoy their experience so much more.

Provide helpful support
This one is a no-barrier; you cannot create a tribe of loyal customers without an exceptional customer service experience that keeps them coming back. It is important to note that spend is secondary to quality. You should learn to increase the time rate of your reply to your customers when it comes to customer service that keep people coming back. Quality matters more than speed and also customers enjoy business who know them as well. Now, telling your employees to spend more time with customers might seem like folly, but smart entrepreneurs know that is not the case. Everybody views their service experience as more positive when they do not feel rushed or ignored.

Choosing the right platform
The best way to improve your online customer service efforts is to utilise the channel your customers most prefer. Majority of people still prefer and use email more than other services including social networking, you need to pick the channel that makes the most sense for your customers since they are the one you want to communicate with. The key to creating loyalty programmes that can actually work for your business is to know why customers use them and what gets customers to keep using them. You can as well do this by getting ideal customers to be your VIPs. This will not only increase sales but drive more revenue for your business.

Ways You Can Build Customer Trust & Loyalty
Many people start business with different reasons apart from make money. There is nothing wrong with that as most business are profit-oriented except you own priority is different. For a business to be successful an entrepreneur must have the right mind set of building its business foundation on credibility and credibility come before profitability. Credibility is the ability to make your customers to vouch for your business as a result of their satisfaction. Customers understand that the reason for starting a business is to make money; as a result of this they want proofs that they are not throwing their hard earned money away by doing business with you. They want you to show them why it is you and no other business that should have their money. No matter what you think about what you are selling, all business need to show honesty and credibility in order to gain customers trust. Brand trust is important to make sales. Business that is not known for its good reputation will be hardly patronised.

Credibility is like respect that has to be earned, building credibility cannot be earned overnight, you will need to engage some strategies that can help build that credibility your business need. There are ways of ensuring integrity in business that entrepreneurs need to know which include:

Improved your communication with your clients
Communication is the basic to establish credibility in business. This is because business owners need to make sure they are effectively communicating the vision of their business and ensure that their audience understand what make their businesses unique from their competitors. Carry out your personal brand message and the business brand through each of your marketing activity is crucial. Credibility is built through effective communication with customers and it is accomplished by being an excellent listener and keeping the lines of communication open with your team.

Stay true to your word
Your customers should be able to count on your words. They should be rest assured to receive their job base on your word when they give you job to do. Run your business in a way to make people know that you are credible. For you to build credibility as a small business owners you must be honest with your words. Keep all of your communication with customers with genuine and honesty will help you establish your trustworthiness as a business owner.

Be objective
Many times, what you see as the value their products or services offer is not actually what your target customers value the most. Reaching out to your advisers on a regular basis will help you stay objective and honest with yourself about what your business bring to the table. This will help you remain objective about the strength of your expertise, as an expert you still have room for growth. It is important to admit that there are things you don’t know, express willingness to work towards finding the answer with the aim of increasing credibility as someone dedicated to growth and development. This will help achieve your business objective goals. PAY ATTENTION: 5 Essential Traits for Successful Entrepreneurs

Learn to involves your customers
Don’t run your business without any outside interaction; you cannot build credibility entirely on your own. Asking your customers for feedback, collecting and sharing of testimonials coupled with the used of feedback to improve your business. You can also involve your audience to boost credibility by sharing your knowledge with others. One of the easiest way to do is by social media, sharing contents, answering customers questions and engaging with people on social media site like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook can portray people as credible experts, because people think of how much they want to make not knowing that building credibility comes before profitability. Business that has to stay must first build credibility as a profile for itself because it needs to satisfy customers and make happy to patronise you. Your first priority should on building credibility if you want your business stand the taste of time and remain relevant in the market or business world.
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