Top 7 Tips on How to Hire best Employees for a Small Business

Many small businesses fail to employ the right people that can add value to their companies, after putting in a lot of effort to establish the business; it is only fair that entrepreneur get something in return for their labour. The expectation for many business owners is patronage which can lead to profit and growth for the business. It is a reasonable expectation especially as many people have confessed that getting funds to convert an idea into a business these days is easier said than done. Many business owners go on to convert their businesses into successful ones. Some of them rather than make profit they end up with failed businesses and huge debts. This attribute to one of the many factors which is the employment of people who are not suitable for the business. A lot of small business owners are more concerned with cash flow for their business to the detriment of human capital. 

It is important to pay attention to recruitment processes, many small business owners end up employing the wrong people even when they get the right people, they fail to properly manage them. This mistake has huge implications for businesses as the human capital is a crucial factor for businesses. This is because employing the wrong personnel does not just cost the business time and money, it can make it fail. Stressing the importance of right personnel to an organisation, when you look at the typical organisation, regardless of whether it is in the private or public sector, you can make the best investment for them in equipment – hoping to deliver on productivity. If you don’t have the right people, if your selection is wrong – the reward or motivation of people has not been properly put in place – all your efforts will be wasted. PAY ATTENTION: 6 Ways to Stay Ahead of Competition in Business

It is for this reason that business development managers as well as human resource experts urge businesses to do all they can to ensure that they employ the right people. For you to do effectively, you need to consider the followings points. One of the problems small businesses have is that they do not know exactly what they need. Some may even create vacancy for an office assistant only to employ one and realise that they would have been better of getting a driver. To worsen the situation, some would even convert the office assistant into a driver with bobs being hard to come by, some people in such situations have grudgingly accepted such changes knowing they are not qualified. Some of these people do not only fail on the job they cause a lot problems for their employers. For example, many companies have found themselves in trouble because vehicles belonging to them have been involved in fatal accident.

Do some background research
Before you employ someone, it is important you carry out some form of investigation about the potential employee. You should not only depend on the information in the resume submitted, there is a need for you to run some background check on the employee. It is also important for you to get in touch with referees provided. Many HR resource do not bother about this and it sometimes leaves them with little information about their employees when there is trouble, they have nobody to reach out to for help. It is not enough to have each employee provide you with the names and contact information of three referees, it if essential that you get them attest to the character and capability of the person in question. Experts say, referees are evasive in filling out reference forms it could be able to determine if the potential employee would fit in your organisation.

Take interview serious as much as possible
Entrepreneurs are now realise great certificates or degrees; do not automatically mean an individual can get the job done. As a result of this, the interview process is assuming a more important role in the recruitment process. It is not wise for you to decide to employ someone because he or she performed excellently in a written test thereby making the interview a formality. The interview should be taken seriously and used to make sure that the candidate is really suited for the job. This means you need a clear process for the interview. You also need to have specific attributes you will be on the lookout for. Deepen into their past experiences – success and failures – and key lessons they have learned over the years. Interview is a great opportunity for you to have a glimpse into the character and values of the person you are about to hire and you should seize it.

Don’t wait for applicants
When you have a job opening in your organisation, just put a notice on a board, sending of bulk SMS or place adverts online or even in a newspaper advert and then waiting for people to apply. You may be better off scouting for the suitable candidate. In the recent, companies are known to reach out to high institutions in their quest to fill positions meant for fresh graduates. Companies can get the best students or interested candidate from these institutions and then train them for the task ahead. Companies can also use social media to get suitable candidates as many people posting details about their private and professional life on these platforms, employers can easily scout candidates to fill positions where there are vacancies at minimal cost.

This is because rather than go through the traditional recruitment process, they can just ‘sieve’ through profiles and reach out to the right people. Sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, thousands of people are advertising their talent and qualification and small businesses, which may not have the financial might to engage a recruitment agency to fill vacancies, can also take advantage of this. These are some of the tips to put into consideration when recruiting according to experts. The essential thing you must bear in mind is that if you employ the wrong people, you may risk losing your business take your time and get it right.

Things Successful Supervisors Do Differently
For supervisors to play their critical roles effectively in organisations there are certain skills they should possess. Supervising people is not an easy task. The responsibilities are numerous. Supervisors readily admit that correcting flaws, optimising strengths and promoting commitment or motivating an individual are responsibilities that can overwhelm an individual but considering the importance of a committed and motivated workforce. As difficult as unnerving as these responsibilities may appear, a supervisor can excel by continually seeking ways to improve his skills and come up with clear expectations for employees and among other things. By taking the right things into consideration, supervisors will not only find their job easier but will have fun doing it. As a supervisor, you can consider the follow to boost employee’s performance.

Be informed
It is important to stay informed as a supervisor not just abut the company policies but also about the best practices in the industry. Having relevant information and putting them to use will stand you out of bringing the best out of employees and effectively play his or her role better. It is important a supervisor apart from understanding these policies, be informed about policy changes. PAY ATTENTION: A Guide to Balancing Work and Family Life For A Fulfilling Life

Understand roles and responsibilities
For you as a supervisor to carry out your duties effectively, it is essential that you have an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each employees you are supervising. By having the ability to perform the functions being assigned to employees under them, they will be in better position to analyse the job that has been done and to provide useful feedback. A good supervisor treat members of their team fairly and equally, when you fail to treat employees fairly and use the same standard in rewarding or sanctioning them. They also risk destroying unity and harmony in the workforce, because once an employee is being giving special treatment without justification, that employee is likely to be isolated. It is advisable to provide equal opportunities for employees in their unit or department to excel and have clear conditions for reward and sanction which applies to everyone in the unit.

Have reasonable expectation
The job of a supervisor is to bring the best in the employees by motivating them and ensuring they are committed to their jobs. This is why supervisor have to keep expectation reasonable. Setting expectation that are unreasonable may end up frustrating employees. For supervisor to get it right, it is essential to get adequate training from short professional training to in house training. All that requires specific skills, when it comes to evaluation or appraisal may supervisors end up with a headache. A good supervisor provides some form of mentoring for people under them, by doing this they can spot areas of weakness and help the employees improve. By engaging them and approaching the process as a team effort employees are likely to become more committed and productive.

Be helpful
Good supervisors are helpful; they provide environment and tools they need to work effectively. It is essential for supervisors to learn communication skill to communicate effectively. Feedback is great vital to employees, they need to know when they are doing great and when they need to improve on their jobs. Through constructive criticism they are likely to make the needed adjustment but if the criticism is the norm it would only discourage them from performing better. Sometimes when employees perform below expectation you could opt to praise them for the aspects they got right and ask them to adjust and do better. A successful supervisor is open to criticism, they are aware that they made mistakes and that they can learn from their employees as well. One thing that makes you a great supervisor is your ability to listen to the concerns of your employees and accept criticism.
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