How to Become a Successful Independent Sales Agent

How to Become an Independent Sales Agent. One of the challenges small businesses face across various sectors is the inability to sell their products or services. This problem is enormous for small businesses that are unable to employ full-time marketers to handle its sales and marketing section. In most cases, the problem may be that the prospects are not sufficient to justify employing full-time sales agents. With the current devaluation of the country currency and high dollar to naira exchange rate, most companies in the country are cutting costs and are looking for ways to earn more. There are many graduates who studied marketing buy have not been able to secure employment with any organisation. While waiting for their dream jobs, it is not good for them to be idle because experiences are some of the attributes employers look out for.

The years of experience are requisite for securing a gainful and decent employment can be attained by being an independent sales agent. The role of independent sales agents involves field sales and marketing in which a company products and services are introduced and promoted to an audience of both existing and potential clients. Using targeted promotional marketing campaigns and strategies can help increase sales and create brand awareness of the company products. Companies that have plans to expand their sales and marketing to other states but have no capacity to put marketers on their payrolls can consider employ independent marketers or simply outsource the function to another company that can handle it. Sales agents can work from home as long as necessary tools to reach out to the potential clients are available to them. The part-time option and the flexible work hours give them amplify opportunity to penetrate the markets and territories around them.

The enormous burden of funding the travel expenses opening up offices in other part of the country and maintaining sales coverage in territories with a limited yield are excluded in agreement made with independent marketers. Independent marketers are responsible for sales in their states and are paid commissions as agreed upon in a written contract. The time it took to make the sale and the quantity sold. This means that if you are able to perform well and drive more sales, your commission and level of income is limitless. Intending independent sales representatives must become self-employed which means the independent sales agents must have to learn every aspect of sales and business operations as well as marketing, customer service, order processing and accounting. Other benefits are that you can set your own schedule. You can also protect your income by diversifying your portfolio and your income is not restricted to only one product or service. You do not need specialised training or specific experience to work in this filed but entrepreneurial qualities are very essential in this aspect. 

In the early days of marketing, direct marketing techniques were used to reach out to customer nut with its abuse and consequent disregards, marketing agencies are now using new developments through continuous learning programmes. Online and cross-promotional media options as well as personalisation and content are the focus of marketers in the recent times. The enabling environment provided by internet related business offers entrepreneurship opportunities for people who intend to be independent marketers. The consumer readiness to make use of the convenience it offers and the presence of relevant regulators can be exploited by entrepreneurs who are ready to earn more for themselves. The high rate of employee turnover has been reported to be the bane of most businesses consequently some graduate after seeking and gaining employment are laid off few months after. The cause of this incompetence and lack of appropriate skills to perform and become efficient has been identified by experts. Maintaining a job for a long time is no easy task but can be achieved with hard work, tenacity and dedication. For you to keep your job s for a long time, you must first identify the useful skills that they possess, practise and make a lasting impact with them.

According to experts, many business owners who have businesses that are struggling to survive often wonder why competitors excel more than they do. There are times when colleagues who were employed at the same time get promoted ahead of one another, this may be because the way the utilise the skills acquired are different. If your desires are to win the heart of your customers or you want to attain that managerial post you have always desired then these are some of the skills that are crucial to increased client-base promotion and consequently more revenue for your business.

Creativity is a key
Many young graduates or experienced employees with innovative ideas that will bring about the development of the company are attractive to employers. Part-time jobs and internship programmes can be an opportunity to practise and showcase their creativity to solve problems. The experienced gained in these previous jobs will enable them to display a benchmark of their success to their employer. Interpersonal relationship and businesses sometimes fall apart due to poor problem solving skills, this posit can be because such problems were not discovered at the right time or they were not handled appropriately. People who are able to breakdown complex issues and find solutions to them are often indispensible in organisations where they work. To solve any problem, you need to first identify and understand the cause of the problem at hand and look for possible solutions for such problems.

Leadership skills
Your ability to direct and coordinate members of a team to achieve a collective goal are considered for certain jobs. Laying good examples by making decisions and delegation of responsibilities are some of the duties of a good leader. Employers may be on the lookout for leadership potential therefore, previous experiences of leadership positions held may be required in this regard. Being a person in charge of a group of people is not enough evidence that your presence had an impact is important. A good leader should be emotional stable, tolerant and assertive in their thinking and attitude. Those who wishes to be promoted should always aim for excellent performance in their duties. As a leader you need to prove your ability to motivate others and lead them in the right direction.

Communication skills
Many successful business owners posit that the ability to communicate effectively is essential to build good relationship with people. Experts has say that women are guilty of not speaking up and sharing their views on issues in gathering, women should be able to show confidence when they know that they can make a good contributions to conversations. They can build good communication skill by taking time each day to be aware of their opinions and feelings so that they can adequately convey them to others. Conversation with people should be engaging and should not give room for distraction in getting the attention of people, the uses of gestures to enforce the main points will make presentations more interesting. PAY ATTENTION: 6 Ways to Stay Ahead of Competition in Business

Networking skills
Networking is one of the key to business success, in a social setting it is expected that people should strike up conversations and interact well. They should bot be distracted in their conversation but should make a lasting impression. Trying to casual and not appearing pushy and bearing in mind that they are trying to form a new business relationship can also help. Networking is an act of perceiving opportunities and identifying business benefits. Networking these days is easier and faster with the advent of the social media like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. The key to effective networking is giving advice; offering information and rendering services. You can leverage on these platforms to keep in touch with your followers.

Prevailing Over Business Challenges
It is unlikely that entrepreneurs will face challenges frequently in their businesses. As an entrepreneur, crises are things that spring up during the life cycle of the business, learning how to come out on the other side stronger and wiser for the experience. Every entrepreneur will have to go through trying times in their lives but coming out of your problems and moving your business ahead is what makes you a good entrepreneur. Below we are going to look at some of the steps to take to overcome challenges as an entrepreneur.

Be patient with yourself
Changes, setbacks and uncertainties are scary symptoms in business. When you difficult times shake up things around you, you need to hold steady. Success come from a cool-headed thinking, clear focus and well-aimed action. Behaviours are very contagious both positive and negative. Using the same old pattern, techniques and thinking won’t cut it. What got you here today will not likely get you where you want to go in the future. PAY ATTENTION: How to Become a Successful Independent Sales Agent

Recover quickly
Resistance to change is a dead end street, organisations want people to adapt fast and those who resist quickly align yourself and your team with new needs and realities. Operate with a strong sense of urgency, emphasise action. Figure out yourself what is needed and move toward it. Opportunities often come disguised as trouble and problems, the way you think, the way you frame the situation and heavily influence your ability to deal with tough problems. Look beyond the bleakness of the moment and envision brighter tomorrow. Think in terms of possibilities rather than limits, open yourself up to the possibility of growing through the challenges and know that you will be better for going through the challenges.

Commit fully
Anticipate that more is going to be expected of you, there is enough room for improvement. If you commit rapidly when your organisation changes, you can’t should probably quit. Commit completely to what you are involved in, be it your business, work or career and your personal growth, be committed to it without reservation. You must believe and trust yourself as entrepreneur to overcome whatever problems that comes your way. That’s the key to getting through any crisis. If possible, seek counsel from someone you trust preferably from industry like yours who has built his or her business from the scratch. Chances are, they will also encountered and overcome the exact problem you are facing. It is also important to evaluate every situation and determine if it will have a negative impact on your cash flow or cash reserves. If you find out that you will be short of cash to meet employee’s payroll and other financial obligations, look for ways to reduce your everyday expenses.

Relax and unwind
Take a drive to a movie or steal away for a short nap, getting your mind off your worries will allow you to come back to the problem and attack it with a clear head. Create a affirmation, affirmation is a positive statement you say frequently with feeling and conviction. It programmes your subconscious to align with your intention and make it happen. Create an affirmation to boost your confidence, one to manifest your customers and more if you like then say them out loud with feeling frequently. Get help, a business mentor or coach who can look at your business through the lens of all their knowledge and experience and help you re-strategize or re-invent your business to insure your success. This kind of help usually pays for itself many times.
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