6 Mentoring Strategies for Leaders That Want To Make an Impact

Mentoring process is time consuming but when certain strategies are adopting it makes it quite successful. Mentoring is much more than counselling because it includes coaching, it also involves dealing with frustration, giving constructive criticism, handling disappointment, demonstrating humility and compassion. Being a good mentor is a hard thing to do, it takes serious commitment that takes your precious time away from other important things like getting a job done and having a social life. When people surround themselves with successful role models their lives and efforts will automatically be steered towards success. A successful model is someone who has achieved a goal the mentee is working toward or can guide the mentee on the path to achieving it. When people surround themselves with the wrong crowd they will make it much harder for them to succeed. When we spend a lot of time around someone, we naturally become more like them whether they are good or a bad influence. For the mentee there ways of meeting and interacting with success models who can naturally be their mentors. PAY ATTENTION: 6 Clear Signs Your Business Strategies Is Not Working

Define your goals and objectives
Without mentee having a clear specific goals and personal values there is no way to tell if they are surrounding themselves with success models or failure models. A goal is a futuristic achievement people work toward while a personal value can be regarded as a preference, a trait or characteristic that is desired and can be implemented right away.

When people who are aspire to be successful, look around them they will realise that some of their close friends or even relatives are not really a good influence on them. This may be because they do not believe that achieving certain goals is possible, therefore they tend to always put such aspirants down when their goals are brought up for discussion. Sometimes they personal values don’t align with the aspirants; however the proper thing to do is to spend less time with such people. When spending time with them aspirants should make sure they are steering the direction of the conversation. For instance, if they bring up negative subject, they should just switch the conversation by starting to talk about something positive thereby getting them to talking about things they like or love so that as to showcase their positive side.

Build your social skills
In order to have more choice in the quality of friends and relationships mentees create, they must have good social skills. Some people have bad social skills and they always every friend they made whether they are good or bad. Working on your social skills will help you to make better choice in the friendship you made. As guidance to improve your social skills, the simple way is to introduce yourself to strangers when you are out

Join social group and attend workshops
Communication play an important and vital role in life and social groups provide this platform. Social group form great support group when needed. People who want to lose weight, they should join weight loss support groups or go to group fitness classes at the gym. On the part of mentors experts also pointed some measures to make the mentoring process effective. PAY ATTENTION: 6 Best Practices on How to Succeed in Managing a Business

Be committed and build trust
Mutual trust and commitment come from being in constant touch with each other. Trust is one of the universals that supersede all the aspects of coaching. The mentor is a confidante and the mentee entrusts her or him with his or her dreams and fears. Mentoring can take so much time, the mentor has to be accessible when the employee needs to talk, complain or voice concerns. Successful mentors, patience is extremely essential in the mentoring process. Once you have established commitment and trust the relationship can be maintained through patience. As the relationship progresses the trust and comfort level improves and by using some of the principles of coaching, setting goals and being clear on expectations, the process will evolve strongly. Mentoring is long term haul, results getting process, therefore patience is very important.

Understand mentee ability
There are different strokes for different folks and the same principle applies in the mentoring process. There are some instances, where the mentee may be way ahead of the mentor when explaining things thereby getting an advanced grasp of concepts it took others much longer to understand. The mentee may require very precise step by step explanation from the mentor in order to effectively apply information in an actual work situation. Therefore, mentors should evaluate the team member’s understanding with questions and encourage them so that they feel more comfortable. Feel free to leave a comment below.

How To Be An Expert In Your Business
Succeeding in any business venture is paramount in order to have an edge over your competitors. Majority of young entrepreneurs venturing into different enterprises lack the resilience to remain in the business and succeed in it, as soon as they encounter challenges, they feel reluctant to continue with the business. This is often due to not have anyone to mentor them, however, with the right business attitude, information and opportunities, they can become better than when they stated out. According to experts, for you to be grounded in your line of business you must consider the following steps: 

Improve on your management skills and re-investing
Entrepreneurs are advised to design a system that will portray high level of expertise to their clients. Re-investing might not have immediate benefits but it definitely has long-term returns with perseverance. Re-investing helps businesses to grow and expand which result in high revenue turn out.

Registering with corporate body
Registering your business with corporate bodies gives you a legal identity and it create emotional attachment between your clients and your brand. It protects your assets when you are faced with legal litigation and gives your business success in the market place. Registering your business also gives you an outstanding in comparison with your competitors.

Expanding into other business areas
Diversifying into other areas will make your business grow, it can be in form of offering your clients other variety of services to choose from or opening a branch in order to reach out to a large audience. It also improves sales and rake in more profit. Attending seminars enhances your knowledge and experience on the business. It also create an avenue to communicate information on new trends issues in your field. It is also a platform for networking with others business minded people in order to share ideas. PAY ATTENTION: Common Mistakes Leading to Startup Business Failure

Joining associations in your area of business
Associations broaden your knowledge and keep you abreast of happenings in your industry. It offers wealth of practical opportunities to develop and learn new skills based on emerging trends in your industry. It also provides an opportunity to meet with potential clients. Training will help with skills that can enable you to undertake difficult tasks and improve on your business performance. Qualities of services rendered to your clients and will also improve your productivity. Networking by connecting with others, you don’t necessarily need to know people before you can connect with them.

Market and promote yourself
You can volunteer to speak and write about your topic, you can also use public relation sources to stay on top of leads in which people want to speak to others in your area of specialty. You can also start a podcast which serve as a hub for speaking engagements. Listening is the first one, this means picking up information from all corners of your industry. Communicating is all about being out there and talking to people that matter in your industry, whether is it a client meeting, a networking event or you are commenting on an article on a blog – it is all interaction with your target audience. When you are engaging with the community, you will be able to notice exactly what problems they are looking to solve thereby allowing you to adjust your service offering accordingly. Creating is where you focus on produce contents that secure you that expert status. Choose your channel wisely to fit your audience. Whatever you choose to do, the result of your creative output will lead to further promotion of your personal brand and increase interest from your customers.
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