Monday, 5 September 2022

Common Marketing Mistakes Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

Email marketing techniques were used to reach customers in the past but when it became abused and consequently they disregarded it. Lot of marketing agencies are now adopting the new tactics. The technique has expanded with online cross-promotional media options. The driving force behind marketing id the ability to gather useful information, this can be achieved through market research, collecting questionnaires and receiving customers’ feedback.

There are ways organisation can split its customers and prospect segments with similar needs and develop different means of communications to each segment. These improved techniques can help sales managers to reach their potential clients, although there are certain mistakes that may prevent them from reaching their bottom line. According to expert, we have highlighted some of the mistakes to avoid.

Abandoning your past clients

Sales people lose customers because competitors attract them with discount and other exciting benefits, trust and reliability of services have been disrupted by failure to deliver. Managerial change may leave a communication breach as regards to the strength of services or products. Treating your past customers like new one in order to refresh the relationship and win them over. You need to learn the real reason why some customer left and improve on your sales tactics. Learn about what went wrong. Was it an issue of price, the level of service, the quality, distribution, arrogance, ignorance or interest in keeping the business or was it some other major or minor mistake? It is very important for you to stay in touch with your previous customers.

Learn about social media abuse

in the past, social media marketing is widely known to be inexpensive, effective marketing tools and often endorsed as useful instrument for small businesses. Social media marketing is a complex marketing tool and if used in the wrong way can harm your marketing approach rather than help. To avoid misuse, designing a social media marketing plan is important which involves strategically by identifying your target clients with clear messages.

Use a marketing research to understand when your clients are online and create a brand presence. Passing helpful information to your followers; never spam your customers if you do you will quickly lose friends. The opportunity presented by hash tag trends to deliver your message in a timely order.

Having the wrong attitude

A wrong attitude will be revealed when you interact with your customers and will definitely rub off on your sales performance. Your right attitude will impact tremendously on your sales success and will ultimately play a huge role in your career. Most sales people with negative attitudes struggle and have very difficult closing sales. Research about what other perceive about you can also help. You can ask those close to you help identify your negatives attitudes. A pessimistic attitude can destroy your sale execute. If you have a negative attitude, it can be corrected by associating with people who are experienced in that filed.

Losing focus

Some common sign of lack of focus are seen among sales executive is their ability to give excuses for everything that happens. Regular complaint over personal needs and what they have will make the sales persons lose focus. This same attitude is exemplified by losers who often focus on what is missing, the goal they have yet achieve and what they cannot do. Winners are always grateful for the wins no matter how big or small it is and focuses on what they want, have and what they aspire to do more.

Selling by numbers

Your ability to connect with a lot of customers will also determine the amount of sales success you will record. New prospects should not be abandoned but marketers should be able to discern the ones that would eventually produce the expected results. To succeed as a sale executive, you need to learn to connect with all your prospects, you should spend extra time winning the heart of the qualified ones.

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